In September 2017, I guest lectured in "Woodwind Techniques" at Indiana University. The title of lecture was "Start where they are: Bridging elementary general and beginning instrumental music (through rhythm)." The class was comprised primarily of freshmen who are majoring in instrumental music education. Emphasizing rhythm and rhythmic skills learned in elementary school, the central aim of the lecture was to impress on the students the importance of acknowledging, utilizing, and valuing (i.e. that we should build upon, not ignore or forget) the many years of musical learning beginning instrumental students accomplished in elementary school.

This video captures a research lecture I presented primarily to the music education community at Indiana University in February 2017. The lecture was entitled "An exploratory analysis of undergraduate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning music and art student's well-being."

Recorded in Spring 2014, in this video I demonstrate an approach I used with seventh grade band students to play harmonic minor. Prior to this lesson, students were introduced to solfege syllables ME and LE and sang the harmonic minor scale.

This clip is featured in the guest lecture video above and demonstrates one way I sequenced a challenging rhythm for beginning band by building upon their skills developed in elementary general music.

This video highlights each of the bands from Erie Middle School (Erie, Colorado) during one of our spring concerts. This video contains clips from two concerts on the same evening. Due to the program (and its audience) outgrowing several available auditoriums, the gym became the only available space for our concerts!